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AGL Gradoplane 25X Dual Grade Laser

The Gradeoplane 25X Dual Grade Laser offers advanced performance that is easy and efficient to use. It offers high performance features, and long range and remote capabilities make the GP25X ideal for precise grade control. It has a unique power system that’s very flexible and provides over three weeks of operation. The GP25X lasers offer the user: Beam Masking, Plus or minus 25% Grade Capability, Tilt, Windy and an IP67 environmental rating (Water/Dustproof). All these features in a very strong aluminium-cast housing.

AGL Gradoplane 25X Dual Grade Laser Brochure


GeoMax Zone20 H

Economic and firm entry level laser rotator. With a solid-built housing and a straightforward interface, this laser offers all functions needed for regular and flexible use.

GeoMax Zone20 H Brochure

GeoMax Zone20 HV

This laser offers the Zone20 H basic specifications plus the capability of vertical levelling. Zone20 HV includes a long-range remote to adjust and align easily in any jobsite. The multipurpose laser for any craftsman.

GeoMax Zone20 HG Brochure

GeoMax Zone40 H

Are you looking for performance and absolute dependability? Zone40 H is the best construction site laser for rough environments. Combining solid-build housing with a powerful dependable core, this laser is a long-term companion of choice for any heavy duty levelling task.

GeoMax Zone40 H Brochure

GeoMax Zone60 HG

Adding easy-to-use, dial-in grade capability to the dependability of the Zone40 H core, this laser is more flexible in use and enables semi-automatic grade in leveling applications.

GeoMax Zone60 HG Brochure

GeoMax Zone60 DG

Fully-automatic grade specifically designed for construction workers who need the dependability and accuracy of a fully professional grade laser on a daily basis. With a straightforward user interface on both the laser and the RF remote, the craftsman is always in full control

GeoMax Zone60 DG Brochure

GeoMax Zone70 DG

Built with a rock-solid core, this high-end rotation laser offers unbeatable performance and is key for long distance applications where high precision and dependability in all kind of environmental conditions are needed.

GeoMax Zone70 DG Brochure

GeoMax ZEL400 Single Grade Laser

With its proven performance the ZEL400 laser rotator series covers the whole range from internal applications to general construction – a true multi-purpose tool.

Totally automatic and therefore easy and fast to setup, in combination with advanced technology GeoMax delivers a laser rotator with outstanding price to performance ratio. Its ruggedized design, protected head and waterproof housing makes the ZEL400 series the tool for all your tasks that “Works when you do!”.

GeoMax ZEL400 Single Grade Laser Brochure

ProShot Alpha Laser

The Pro Shot™ Alpha construction laser level is designed for concrete and general contractors, working on large commercial or municipal sites. The Alpha laser is built amazingly tough to handle the real-world use and abuse that happens on sites with large crews. Electronic servo self-leveling means you simply turn the laser on and it levels itself automatically. The Alpha also provides manual slope matching.

ProShot Alpha Laser Brochure


ProShot AS2 Precision Slope Laser

The Pro Shot™ AS2 laser level tool is the class leader for delivering value in a precision slope laser. Dial-in up to a 25% slope, with resolution down to .01% — that is fine enough to set specified slopes straight from an engineer’s cut sheet on a sanitary sewer project. This servo self-leveling laser won’t let you down, with degrading accuracy as higher slopes are entered, like its competitors. It is also fully self leveling when slope is dialed in.

ProShot AS2 Precision Slope Laser Brochure


AGL GradeLight 2700 Pipe Laser

The AGL GradeLight 2700 is the shortest pipe laser available. It fits tight inverts and small pipe jacking pits and comes with a broad range of set-up accessories, including trivet, special transit, and rod and crossbrace. Exclusive features include one set of slide legs that covers multiple pipe sizes and a unique target design. Its high quality materials ensure reliability, precision, and durability.

AGL GradeLight 2700 Pipe Laser


AGL GradeLight 3000 Pipe Laser

The GL3000 communicates with the AutoTarget using IR. Place the GL3000 and the AutoTarget in the pipe and activate the target. The rotating laser will automatically find the center of the AutoTarget. It’s also possible to use a standard receiver of any rotating laser instead of the AutoTarget. After activating the vertical laser, it can be moved with the remote control left or right into the correct direction for precise alignment.

AGL GradeLight 3000 Pipe Laser Brochure


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