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Laser-Tech Model 304 Machine Control Panel

The Laser-Tech Model 304 Machine Control System is a state of the art product that offers a digital display for accurate elevation control. Data can be displayed in feet, inches or meters. The built-in survey function calculates an average elevation and has a data port for survey data collection. No more errors from laborious copying of elevations from scribbled notes.

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Laser-Tech Model 305 Machine Control Panel

The Laser-Tech Model 305 Linear Machine Control System is unique because it’s completely electronic. The electric mast, which is the most vulnerable mechanical part of any machine control system, has been eliminated. The Model 305 is paired with our Laser-Tech Model 361 Receiver which is mounted to a simple column pipe.

During the initial set-up, the laser reference signal is located and the sensor is centered and then clamped into place. The operator can now readjust the blade elevation by electronically relocating the “center” band anywhere on the receiver from the Laser-Tech Model 305 Control Panel inside the cab. You can also set the “center” width, from fine to wide, based on the job type.

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Laser-Tech Model 306 Machine Control Panel

The Laser-Tech Model 306 Slope Machine Control System is an electronic device which keeps the blade either level or at the slope at which you’ve set it either coming or going. Any slope to plus or minus 100% can be set from the control panel. The slope can then be easily reversed at the touch of a button when you change direction. This system is perfect for scrapers, dozers and pavers.

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Laser-Tech Model 312 Machine Control Panel

The Laser-Tech Model 312 Control Panel has both automatic and manual blade control functions for precision grading. This cost-efficient system is easy to install, setup and use. The Ultra Bright LEDs make the display visible during the daytime. Pair the Laser-Tech Model 312 with the Laser-Tech Model 367SB to make a perfect system for your application.

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Laser-Tech Model 316 Dual Grade Control Panel

The Model 316 Dual Machine Control System is an economical way to automate both sides of the blade. This is an automatic dual receiver system for small machines that uses two hydraulic cylinders for blade control for elevation and cross slope.

The dual remote control panel offers both automatic and manual blade override control at the push of a button. You can independently adjust the up and down speed for each blade. The two independent sensor inputs drive the automated control of On/Off and proportional values for two independent hydraulic cylinders.

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Laser-Tech Model 322 Display Panel

The Model 322 is a LED display panel that can be mounted in the cab to ensure easy viewing of the display even when the receiver is out of sight or above the cab.

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Laser-Tech Model 180 Excavating Receiver

The Laser-Tech Model 180 Excavator Sensor paired with the Pro Shot AS-2 laser is a perfect combination for accurate ditch digging.The Model 180 can be mounted to any excavator or backhoe in seconds by simply removing it from the case and attaching it to the dipper arm allowing the operator to see the high, low or on-grade lights as they work. The sensor is battery-operated with an optional 12-volt power cord allowing it to be wired to the machine.

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Laser-Tech Model 360 Receiver

The Model 360 Receiver has the range, accuracy and rugged construction needed for even the toughest machine control applications. In addition to sending a signal to the control panel in the cab, it also has a built-in display for simple setup and head-up operation. When used with a long-range transmitter, the 360 receiver has a range up to 2,000 feet. The 360 receiver is manufactured from precisely machined aircraft aluminum and top of the line electronic components. It is waterproof, dust-proof and resistant to shock and vibration. Great for precise land leveling for agriculture, construction of building pads, dams and ponds and precise asphalt and concrete pad paving.

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Laser-Tech Model 361 Receiver

The Laser-Tech Model 361 Receiver is paired with our Laser-Tech Model 305 Control Panel to make a completly electronic system. The receiver is mounted to a simple column pipe and is centered using the laser reference signal then clamped into place. This system is ideal for dozer and box scraper pad finishing applications.

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NEW Laser-Tech Model 362 Slim Sensor

The NEW Laser-Tech Model 362 Slim Sensor is both economical and durable. The Sensor is water resistant and dust proof with a poly carbonate enclosure and the ultra-bright LED’s can make the display visible during the daytime. It can be mounted on a variety or equipment including motor graders, motorized scrapers, and skid steer loaders.

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Laser-Tech Model 367SB Receiver

The Laser-Tech Model 367SB is a versatile, construction-tough laser receiver that can be mounted on dozers, motor graders, motorized scrapers, skid-steer loaders, backhoes and excavators.

The Laser-Tech Model 367SB Sensor is extremely durable and internally protected from vibration and shock. The Sensor is water-resistant and dust-proof with a polycarbonate enclosure and cover making it nearly indestructible.

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AGL Telescoping 360° Powermast

The AGL Telescoping 360° Powermast coupled with the Laser-Tech Model 360 Sensor allows up to six feet of travel, perfect for vineyards or any applications that require sensor elevation changes. This mast/sensor combo is paired with our Laser-Tech Model 304 Control Panel.

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GeoMax EZ Dig Excavating System

Excavator work has always been based on either intuitive guesswork or by using costly and difficult-to-install-and-operate machine control systems. GeoMax EzDig is the alternative.

Operating an excavator has mainly been based on guesswork. Does this look like a 1:2 slope? Is the depth of this trench 1.5m deep or will I hit the pipeline at 2.5m? Even with the help of batter rails and reference pegs roughly providing guidance, the job still remained at best a “good guess”. Classic machine control systems are not an option because even if they provide you with all this information, they are expensive and time consuming to install and learn.

GeoMax EZ Dig

GradePlane LandGrading Design Software

GradePlane LandGrading Design Software is for land levelers and farmers and provides an easy way to design and output cut/fill maps for grading land to specified slopes. There are no complicated engineering terms to understand and survey data entry is in a convenient spreadsheet.

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